Our Constitution

The name of the Society is Kamloops Skateboard Association.
The purposes of the Society are:
To promote excellence and professionalism to the sport of skateboarding in Kamloops, British Columbia
ii.  To improve the status of Skateboarding in Kamloops, British Columbia by  encouraging skateboarding, increase the quality of skateboarding around  Kamloops and raise funds to build better parks and obstacles.
iii. (a) To encourage greater recognition of Skateboarders in Kamloops and their achievements regionally and nationally.
(b) To provide information on the history and the continuation of skateboarding to the people of British Columbia.
(c)  To work cooperatively with other provincial and federal agencies and  organizations concerned with skateboarding and the future of the sport.
iv. To encourage and support young emerging skateboarders in British Columbia


Our Bylaws are available to view to the public. You can download our bylaws here.